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Electricity is the lifeblood of any modern-day business. Without power, there’s no production and no way to serve your customers. That’s why you should be proactive in taking care of the electrical system in your office, warehouse, or other facility.  A commercial electrician from Palmetto Electrical Contractors can assist you with a variety of commercial electrical contracting services.

Need Electrical Work at Your Business? Hire a Commercial Electrician

Our commercial electricians can handle all phases of electrical work for your business. If you’re building a new facility or addition, or just moving some things around, we can help you create a plan for your electrical system.

We provide full electrical service design and installation for jobs of all sizes. Our commercial electrical contractors also offer routine service and repair calls for outlets, lighting, and other components that are broken or not working properly.

Here are just a few of the other electrical services we offer for commercial customers:

  • Main service upgrades: Let us review your overall electrical plan and inspect your electrical panels. We’ll make recommendations for any upgrades that we feel are necessary.
  • Single phase and three phase services: We can convert single phase to three phase or work on either of these systems.
  • Tenant improvements: We offer repairs, upgrades, and more for tenants in retail spaces and office buildings.
  • Warehouse wiring: We know that warehouses are a big part of the economic growth in Rock Hill, York County, and the Carolinas. We know what your needs are and how to accommodate for them.
  • Parking facility lighting and design: Keep parking lots and decks well-lit for the safety and security of your customers, employees, and the public.
  • Office wiring: Every office has different electrical requirements. We’ll evaluate your situation and design a plan that will deliver exactly what you need.
  • HVAC wiring: Commercial HVAC systems put a lot of strain on a building’s electrical system. We’ll help you make sure everything is wired properly, guarding the power supply and protecting you from unforeseen outages.
  • Generator hookup: Keep your facility up and running even when the power goes out. We’ll help you make sure the lights never go out.
  • Emergency lighting systems: Protect your employees and customers by installing emergency lighting systems. We know all the latest OSHA standards and will make sure you’re in compliance.
  • UPS and surge protection installation: Guard against power surges and protect your valuable equipment with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and/or a surge protection system.

Contact Palmetto Electrical Contractors for more information on these and all of our commercial electrical contracting services.