Running a business takes a lot of time and effort, even when things are running smoothly. But things can become stressful when unexpected maintenance problems occur. This is especially true for electrical problems. If the power goes out or causes surges to your office equipment, your employees’ productivity can grind to a halt. At times like these, you need to rely on a commercial electrician. Here at Palmetto Electrical Contractors, we frequently see the following commercial electrical problems:

  1. Old wiring: Over time, your company may have grown or changed the type of services it offers. This can put a greater load on your wiring. If your system wasn’t designed for what you’re doing now, there may be issues. Have a commercial electrician evaluate your electrical system and make any necessary upgrades.
  2. Tripping circuit breakers: Power surges can be common in large commercial facilities. If you think your circuit breakers are tripping more than they should, call a professional.
  3. Sparks: Seeing sparks from electrical outlets when plugging something in is a major warning sign. In some cases, these sparks can lead to melted cords and sockets—or even a fire.
  4. Rodents behind the walls: These animals are very harmful to your electrical system. They continuously chew through wires, causing damage and inviting fires.

Running your business in a safe manner means taking all the necessary precautions. Watch out for these warning signs and be sure to call a commercial electric contractor if you suspect any trouble. At Palmetto Electrical Contractors, we do whatever we can to solve your electrical issues quickly so you can focus on what matters—your business.