Another holiday season has come and gone. Hopefully, you made it through without any major mishaps. Unfortunately, many people experience big problems with their electrical systems during November and December. A residential electrician will advise you to take certain safety precautions during the holidays to avoid any damage and to decrease the risk of a fire. To help you and your family stay safe, Palmetto Electrical Contractors wants to tell you about some common holiday electrical hazards that you should watch out for next year.

Holiday light problems

Holiday lights are beautiful, but you should always use caution when stringing them inside and outside your home. For starters, don’t use indoor lights in an outdoor setting. Only use lights that don’t have signs of damage and that are certified for safety. When the holidays are over, take down the lights as soon as possible. This will help prevent electrical overuse and problems later on. Finally, don’t leave the lights on all night, as this can increase the chances of a fire.

Electrical circuit overloads

Be careful about what you plug in since circuit overloads are as common as icy winds this time of year. Make sure to check your outlets and extension cords for signs of overheating or damage. Never use them if they are warm to the touch. Also, call us if you experience frequent blowouts of fuses, as this is a sign of an electrical overload.

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