Electrical outlets make life a lot easier. But if they don’t work properly, those same outlets can lead to frustration. Before you call an electrician near you for service, you should be aware of some common electrical outlet problems. Here are some things to look out for according to Palmetto Electrical Contractors.

Circuit overloads

An outlet that tries to handle too much can fall victim to a circuit overload. This can weaken and damage the outlets in your home – and even turn into a fire risk. Check on your outlets regularly to make sure too many things aren’t plugged in. Replace them if they show signs of damage, such as a discolored faceplate, burnt smell, or sparks and shocks. Always hire an electrician to replace your outlets.

Loose wires

Like overloads, loose wires in an outlet are a fire hazard. A loose wire can lead to a poor electrical connection and overheat the outlet. If you see burn marks on or around the outlet, contact an electrical contractor right away.

Loose or worn covers

An outlet’s cover provides protection to the inner workings of the port. When it’s loose or worn out, it leaves the wires vulnerable. Always replace covers that are cracked, loose, or show signs of aging.


A defective outlet is a dangerous one. Try to purchase quality covers. Avoid outlet mishaps and shortages by working with an electrician near you for wiring help.

If you need an electrician near you to help with your outlets, call Palmetto Electrical Contractors today.