Just about every home and business in the United States runs on electricity. So when your electricity isn’t working, you need hire the right electrician to get things back to normal. But what’s the best way to find an electrician near you? Palmetto Electrical Contractors recommends following these four steps as you look for local electricians

  1. Ask about credentials, licensing, and experience – As you talk to local electricians, ask about their credentials and licensing information. Only work with an electrical contractor who’s licensed and insured. Also ask about their experience in the industry and with the particular job you’re hiring them to do. More experience tends to lead to better results.
  2. Learn about the services they offer – Does the contractor specialize only in residential electrical repairs or do they also do commercial work? If your home needs to be completely rewired, you’ll want to make sure that’s something the electrician offers.
  3. Ask about warranties – Some electricians will provide parts or labor warranties for their customers. Ask anyone you talk to if they offer this benefit.
  4. Make sure to get permits – Ask any electrician you’re thinking of hiring if permits will be required. You want to make sure everything is done according to your local laws and building codes.

If you’re looking for an electrician near you in Rock Hill, SC, Fort Mill, SC, or Charlotte, NC, talk to Palmetto Electrical Contractors. Our local electricians will provide you with the quality electrical repairs you need.