When you have electrical problems, finding the right electrician near you is a must. Professional electricians should really be the only people who work on your home’s electrical system. But why should you choose to work with a local electrician near you as opposed to a franchise? Palmetto Electrical Contractors has three reasons why hiring local is always in your best interest.

  1. Do you want a single contact for your calls or slow customer service? Many national franchises claim to serve customers faster through automated call routing systems. However, many people find themselves waiting for extensive periods of time to talk to a person. Local electricians have real people answering the phones who care about your call.
  2. Do you want consistency or complacency? Franchises also claim to provide consistent service. However, it often turns into complacency. When businesses aren’t based in your local area, they may not care as much about the people they serve. We believe exceptional service means going above and beyond to make sure that an electrical problem is completely fixed. We won’t come by and do just the bare minimum.
  3. Do you want someone with experience or just a basic understanding? There’s a big difference between experienced electricians and someone who’s just starting out in the industry. Franchises are good places for novice electricians to gain experience. While everyone has to start somewhere, it’s best to consult with someone who has years of experience. They’ll know how to tackle even the most complex problems.

When you need a local electrician near you in Rock Hill, SC, Fort Mill, SC, or Charlotte, NC, call Palmetto Electrical Contractors. Our contractors are ready to assist you with all your electrical needs.