As a homeowner, do you know the difference between repairs you can handle on your own and those that require the services of a professional? We all probably know someone who thinks they’re handy around the house but really aren’t. This can be relatively harmless in some instances–like painting or plumbing. But it can be dangerous in others, such as emergency electrical repairs. If you’ve got major electrical problems at your home in the Rock Hill, SC area, you always need to call a professional electrician.

What classifies as an emergency electrical repair? One example is if you suddenly lose power to your whole home (or even just a part of it) without any explanation. This means there’s probably an issue that requires a professional’s assessment. The same goes for breakers that trip regularly or if you ever get shocked when trying to plug something in. These last two situations don’t seem like emergencies. However, they can be signs of faulty wiring or other potentially dangerous problems. The quicker you get things checked out by a professional electrician, the safer you’ll be.

For 24/7 emergency electrical repairs in Rock Hill, SC, call Palmetto Electrical Contractors. We’ve served residential and commercial customers since 1970. That means we have the experience and know-how to diagnose your electrical problems and fix them—fast. Call today for service in York County and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.