Workplace safety is a vitally important part of the way your business operates. This is especially true when you have people working with electricity. One of the best ways to keep your employees safe is by staying up-to-date with routine electrical maintenance. A commercial electrician can help you identify and prioritize these tasks on a seasonal basis. Here are three commercial maintenance jobs that the team at Palmetto Electrical Contractors recommends you tackle this fall.

  1. Check your electrical panels – Keeping your facility cool during the summer can take a real toll on your building’s electrical grid. Inspect electrical panels and related equipment now to avoid problems that can harm your productivity.
  2. Service outdoor lighting – Once the time changes, your customers and employees may be at your location while it’s dark. Get your commercial electrical contractors to service your outdoor lighting in parking lots and around entryways. Don’t forget to check your exterior signage, too.
  3. Make sure recreational facilities are well-lit – Do you manage a hotel that has outdoor gathering areas? What about tennis courts or ball fields at a recreational facility? Make sure these are well-lit and safe for the people who use them.

If you need a commercial electrician for these and any other issues this fall, call Palmetto Electrical Contractors. Our crews will help your business stay on top as the seasons change.