Do you live in an older home in Rock Hill or York County, SC? If so, you may have a fuse box as a part of your electrical system. These components play an important role in the conduction of electricity through your house. They also keep the system safe. However, the fuse box is no longer the standard that electricians use. Instead, breaker boxes are installed. The team at Palmetto Electrical Contractors wants to share the following facts about these systems.

How Fuse Boxes & Breaker Boxes Are Alike

Fuse boxes and breaker boxes are both forms of safety switches. These systems monitor the flow of electricity throughout your home. If there’s a sudden spike or surge, they trigger. The flow of current is interrupted, protecting your home from the potential of fire or total system failure.

How Fuse Boxes & Breaker Boxes Are Different

Breaker boxes allow you to use GFCI outlets, which are now required by building codes. They are also simpler to use. If a breaker trips, you go to the box and reset it. If a fuse blows, it must be replaced completely. This requires time, money, and inconvenience.

An Electrician’s Recommendation

Fuses do still have a place in electrical work. Today, we primarily see them in industrial settings. But for the purposes of residential electrical contracting services, we recommend using a breaker box. The convenience and added safety features are too great for homeowners to pass up.

If you live in an older home that still has a fuse box, call Palmetto Electrical Contractors. We serve Rock Hill, York County, and surrounding areas of South Carolina and North Carolina. Contact us today for fast service.