Lighting up your home or business is a holiday tradition for many in the Rock Hill, SC area. However, you need to make safety a priority, too. As professional electrical contractors near you, Palmetto Electrical Contractors wants to share some holiday lighting safety tips with you:

  1. Use LED lights – LED lights don’t overheat like traditional bulbs, decreasing the chances of fire. Plus, they’re energy efficient.
  2. Check all wires – Check every electrical wire for signs of damage. Frayed or exposed wires are dangerous. Dispose of any lights with damaged wires.
  3. Don’t leave lights on overnight – Make sure you turn off all lights both inside and outside your home before heading to bed. If you run a business, turn the lights off after office hours. This can help prevent an electrical fire. Consider using a timer on your lights for greater convenience.
  4. Avoid lighting candles – Try not to use candles as a part of your decorations since they can cause a fire if left unattended. Keep candles away from your tree, holiday greenery, or other flammable objects.

Get your home or business perfectly – and safely – decorated for the holiday season. And if you should have any problems with outlets, wiring, or other components, call electrical contractors near you at Palmetto Electrical Contractors. We serve Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas.