When it comes to electricity, it’s essential that you always act with caution and follow all of the safety rules that apply to your task. This is especially true when it comes to working on outdoor electrical components. As the spring and summer months arrive in the Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC areas, so will the lists of chores and repairs that need to be made on your property. The residential electricians near you at Palmetto Electrical Contractors have some tips to keep you safe if you’re tackling projects that involve electricity:

  1. Survey your property before you do any yard work – Before you start doing any major work in your yard, especially if it involves digging, contact residential electrical contractors near you. We can inspect your property for underground power lines and make you aware of other things you need to watch out for so you can stay safe.
  2. Be wary of power lines as you climb – If you’re trimming trees or cleaning gutters, keep an eye out for power lines. The ones that run from the pole to your home can be closer than you think. If you’re unsure of whether it’s safe to do the work, trust your instinct and stay away.
  3. Keep equipment away from power lines – Keep ladders and other tall items away from power lines, especially if they’re made from metal. These items can easily conduct electricity and can put you in danger.
  4. Don’t let kids play around power lines – Make sure your children know to never climb trees that are anywhere close to power lines or utility poles. They should also keep all toys away from these areas.  Find other, safer areas for them to play in your yard.

The residential electricians near you at Palmetto Electrical Contractors aren’t just here to make repairs. We care about the safety of everyone in Rock Hill, York County, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina. If you’re ever unsure about an issue at your home, call to schedule our professional electric services.