To the amateur electrician, it may seem like residential and commercial electrical wiring are pretty similar. While both deliver electricity and allow you to live and work comfortably, there are notable differences between these two electrical services. At Palmetto Electrical Contractors, we provide both residential and commercial electric wiring for people throughout Rock Hill, York County, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas. Here’s a brief breakdown of how these two types of wiring differ. 

  • Residential –
    • Any wiring in your home will be covered in sheath insulation to protect you and your family from any electrical shocks.
    • Wiring is usually tucked away and placed in attics or crawl spaces.
    • Most of the wiring for your home will be single- or two-phase circuits which use around 120-240 volts.
  • Commercial –
    • In any business or commercial setting, wiring normally runs through the ceilings. This allows easy access for maintenance and repair.
    • Commercial electrical wiring requires more insulation for protection from gases and liquids that can cause severe damage.
    • Businesses usually rely on a three-phase electrical layout system. This structure allows wires to work less while giving higher outputs, resulting in longer lasting and more efficient equipment.
    • You’ll see that these systems have higher voltages to accommodate the needs of a business.

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