Now that spring is here, it’s time for you to start thinking about your family’s preparation plans for the season’s storms. While you need to know how to protect the people you love, you also need to think about how to protect your property. Electrical damage from storms is very common and our residential electricians near you receive many calls about this issue each year. Palmetto Electrical Contractors wants you to be aware of the following common types of electrical storm damage that could happen at your home in Rock Hill, SC or Charlotte, NC.

A nearby lightning strike can cause a sudden rush of power through your home’s electrical system. These surges can result in circuit breaker trips, fried appliances, and blown outlets. Using surge protectors throughout your home can limit the risk of damage.

Strong storms can cause trees to fall, often resulting in downed power lines. Your power may go out immediately or it may have to be turned off while the electrical company mkaes the repairs. Having a backup generator can be helpful in these situations. While the resulting power outages can be inconvenient, also be aware of where the line falls. Stay away and do not approach the area! Instead, call your utility provider and let them know of the problem.

If you experience any type of electrical damage due to a storm this spring or summer, call our residential electricians near you for service in Rock Hill, York County, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina. Palmetto Electrical Contractors provides fast service for electrical storm damage repairs.