Making sure the wiring in your home is up-to-date and undamaged is important for both your household’s electrical efficiency and safety. However, how do you know when your home needs rewiring? The Rock Hill, SC residential electrical contractors at Palmetto Electrical Contractors want to share a few common indicators that your house needs new wiring:

  1. Frequent light bulb burnouts – If you’re constantly replacing light bulbs, there’s either a problem with your fixtures or you may need rewiring. Frequent light bulb burnouts (especially with today’s longer-lasting bulbs) is a sign that something’s off with the way the fixture handles the wattage of the bulb.
  2. Hot, discolored, loose, or sparking outlets – If an outlet is hot to the touch or sparks when you plug something in, you need to be wary. Also, keep an eye out for loose or discolored outlets. Call us right away if you see this happening in your home.
  3. Strange sounds or smells – If you hear a sizzling sound or notice a burning smell in your home, call our office for immediate assistance. We want to help you prevent an electrical fire in your home.
  4. Electrical shocks from plugs – If you get an electrical shock from touching a plug, call our residential electrical contractors. This is a major sign that your home needs rewiring – and fast.
  5. Persistent flickering lights, tripped breakers, and blown fuses – These problems are always annoying, but if they’re happening on a regular basis, your wiring needs to be inspected.

When you need a trusted residential electrician to help with residential wiring issues, give Palmetto Electrical Contractors a call. We’ll take a look, give you reliable advice, and make accurate repairs at your home in the Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC area.