A power surge can cause serious issues for your home. That’s because the sudden electrical rush can cause damage to your appliances, electronics, and wiring. To protect your property as much as possible, you first have to know what causes power surges. The residential electricians near you at Palmetto Electrical Contractors want to tell you about some things that commonly cause power surges.

  • Certain appliances – Have you ever noticed that the lights flicker when the air conditioning comes on? Appliances that consume a lot of energy can also cause slight power surges. Even small appliances like vacuum cleaners and hair dryers can cause a surge. While these flickers are annoying, they usually don’t cause any serious electrical damage to your home. If the problem seems to get worse, however, call residential electrical contractors near you to check it out.
  • Lightning – Lightning and electrical storms, on the other hand, can cause major electrical damage due to power surges. A lightning strike near your home can send a current of electrical power through your wires that fries your wiring and anything connected to it.
  • Power lines – A downed power line doesn’t just cause a power outage. It can cause a power surge, too. When the power comes back on, it can sometimes cause a surge of electrical power to your home.
  • Other causes – Blown transformers and periods of high electrical demand can also result power surges for broader geographic areas.

Has a power surge caused an electrical problem in your home in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, or surrounding areas of South Carolina or North Carolina? Contact the residential electricians near you at Palmetto Electrical Contractors. You can rely on our electricians to take care of all your electrical repairs.